Exploited College Girls – Alicia

Exploited College Girls Video with Alicia aka Laney Boggs

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It’s assfucking day but Alicia doesn’t know that yet. She’s is smart enough to attend a University but until she makes enough money she’s stuck at the community college. That’s primarily why she’s here. That, and like so many girls she wants to have the pornstar-for-a-day experience. She’s a bit nervous about it all, and she’s unsure about what to do when we start taking the still pictures. Jay and I try to get her more comfortable by teasing and joking around, and it works. The room lights up when she smiles so we try to keep it that way. She gets more comfortable with herself as the photoshoot progresses but she’s not the type that just drops to her knees and starts sucking cock immediately. So Jay warms her up and slowly gets her to undress and talk about herself. He makes her spread her legs a little so he can taste that sweet pussy and let her know that it’s about to get naughty here. Alicia still has her guards up. She masturbates with toys at home so maybe bringing some dildos into the picture will help ease her into this. The glass dildo is fine and she’s getting more relaxed now, but Jay has something much more devious in mind. She starts to get the hint when he brings in the vibrating butt plug. At first she’s not sure she likes it but once he turns on the vibration, she’s starting to melt. Alicia doesn’t mind the ass play. Good, because there’s gonna be a lot more of that in a bit

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