Backroom Casting Couch – Ronni

Backroom Casting Couch Ronni

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Video Description

Ronni is yet another girl I pilfered off this…ummm…special site I discovered. That site is easy pickins, that’s all I will say about it. Ronni is bit older than the usual applicants, but her legs and ass sold me. Unfortunately the office building’s cleaning crew starts their noisy shift right when she shows up. At one point one of the cleaning ladies just barges in, no knocking, no nothing. Already nervous as hell, Ronni is now completely freaked out. After quickly agreeing to demo her BJ skills, she then refuses to go further until I tell her that a blowjob isn’t enough for the producers I supposedly work with to make a decision. She relucantly agrees to “go the extra mile”, with her paranoid eyes darting around the room the entire time. Witness the most awkward Backroom session yet. Ronni is so afraid of getting caught, she offers to let me cum inside her just to get this over with. We both agree “adult modeling” isn’t for her. With all that chaos around us I forgot to delete the tapes like I said I would. Ooops.

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