Exploited College Girls – Cassi and Maggie

Exploited College Girls Cassi and Maggie

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Christmas arrived early this year. You’ll remember Cassi, who was referred to me by her roommate – and popular ECG repeat whore – Maggie. You’ll also recall how Cassi has a crush on Maggie but never had the courage to do anything about it, other than walk around naked in front of Maggie at home. Thanks to the magic of porn, this all changes today.
Since Maggie’s debut on Exploited College Girls almost a year ago two things happened: first, she started to attend Arizona State University, and because fucking on cam pays a lot better than waiting tables, Maggie’s gone on to shoot for a couple different sites and has become a little pornstar let in her own right. Second, she got herself a roommate – Cassi. Maggie is always up for some pussy eatin’ (see her video with Ashton…) but never got the hint from Cassi. So after Cassi told me all about the situation I immediately invited Maggie to come back and let Cassi ravage her on camera. She was flattered and interested, but too busy with school and jobs – until now. She promised not to let Cassi know that I told her about her roommate’s crush. Maggie kept her word and until the day of the shoot, all Cassi knew was that she’s invited back to ECG for her first sex romp with a guy AND a girl at the same time.

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