Exploited College Girls – Elle

Exploited College Girls Anal Elle

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When self-described nympho Elle, nursing student at ASU, nonchalantly reveals her fantasy is to be raped by a stranger, you immediately think this girl is nuts. I agree with you. On the surface, Elle’s innocent look and soft spoken nature betray her kinky nature. She hasn’t been laid in a month due to her final exams so she’s been horny all morning thinking about fucking a stranger (me) on camera for the first time. I can’t wait for this chick to finish her makeup and get on the bed so I can see for myself. After more shocking revelations about her personal sex lives (seriously, brace yourself…), and a brief interruption by the hotel’s cleaning service, it’s time for Elle to show what’s she made of. First priority: make her cum, often. You will watch Elle’s facial expressions (pain, pleasure, and everything in between) as I fuck her in her nubile ass, thanks to our popular split screen editing here. It takes some adjustments and yet it’s a little painful at first, but Elle likes to be dominated like that – and eventually she ends up having another big orgasm with my cock in her ass to prove it. After letting her enjoy her orgasm I dare her to go outside on the patio for some risky sex. The thought of being caught having sex is a turn on for both Elle and me and we go at it like crazy outside. She rides my cock with such enthusiasm that it’s hard to hold back. Predicably she cums and shakes a few more times (you’ll LOVE watching her cum, guaranteed) and then it’s finally time for yours truly to get off. I shoot a week’s worth of pent up cum straight in her mouth but she can’t swallow fast enough so there’s a bucket load of jizz that runs down her tits all the way to her pussy. Thoroughly filled up and covered with my cum, I wrap up the shoot with Elle and have her blow a kiss goodbye to the cameras.

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