Exploited College Girls – Talia – Double Penetration

Exploited College Girls – Talia

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So college hottie Talia is back to make some quick cash for school. Since I had already done a few shoots with her I told her we had to do something unique and different if she wanted the work. Well, getting DP’ed for the first time certainly is different. As I explained what she would have to do for the money, she said, “I’ve let my boyfriend fuck me in the ass a few times before but I have never been fucked in both my pussy and ass at the same time. I think I can do it, but you have to go easy on me….ok?” So I invited my buddy Rick over and he and I popped her DP cherry. Now, you know me. Do you think we took it easy on her? Nahhhhhhhh, she took both our cocks like a good little college whore she is and welcomed both our loads. God I love this girl! And so will you, enjoy!

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