LA New Girls – Modelling Audition – M – Erin

Models: Erin Emerson  
1.58 GB
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Video Description

Our guy Max is telling us who he got on set today. He says that her name is Erin and that he believes she is 20 years old, cute and blonde. She is on her way down stairs and we hear that she knocks on the door after a while. He opens the door and there she is. She thinks that she is on the set to do a photoshoot. Max asks her to show him her ID, and he asks her a few questions about when she was born and such just to make sure it’s a real ID. There is nothing wrong with the ID so he lets her into his little studio. No time to lose the photoshoot starts immediately! He starts by asking her if she had been talking to his assistent, Zoe. And yes she has, Zoe had told her that their were going to take some photos today.

They starts taking pictures in different poses and the more and more pictures they take the less clothes she has left on her body. After quite a few pictures she is just standing there naked. The producer, Max, goes up close to her and ask her agian about her age before he asks her to go down on knees. She unwrap his pants and starts sucking that cock like it was candy. After quite a lot of blowjob she going to get her reward. She is rewarded with a magic wand on her pussy while getting fucked by a dildo. Max also puts his cock in her mouth while she is playing with her. But she gets tierd of that dildo, she wants the real thing! Max starts to fuck her in a missionary position. She wants to try something new, anal. She takes the magic wand to her pussy while he puts his dick in her ass. She gets fucked in the ass in missionary and doggy style. The scene ends with Erin recieving a load on her face and in her mouth. Max ask her if Zoe told her about this part, no she didn’t she says and laughs

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