MyFreeCams – Aella – Show from 16 October 2016

MyFreeCams Aella Showing Pussy

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She never shows her pussy during cumshows, got wasted and dared people to tip a huge amount for her to do it. Annnd they did! Throughout the show Aella consumes vodka until becoming quite drunk. She takes off her top, puts some nipple clamps on, spanks herself. She eventually (while drunk) dares someone to tip her big to show her pussy. The viewers comply. She then goes on to exposing herself, using her vibrator to climax a few times. Running over 3hrs, most of the best action gets going in the final hour. At the end when she is spread wide and using the vibrator on her clit, she keeps begging to be fucked. Saying things like “Oh please fuck me now. Please fuuuck me.” with her eyes closed. It’s really hot.

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