NetVideoGirls – Merissa

359 MB


Merissa has a really cute face and a great pair of natural tits. Video starts out with her teasing the cameraman where she is acting like such a little flirt. The main stunt cock arrives at the hotel a few mins into the shoot and immediately starts getting this bitch naked. She gets on her knees immediately and starts sucking him off. She’s so fucking into it, deepthroating him and acting like she can’t get enough. She talks so dirty and naughty it’s so sexy. They fuck in a few positions for a bit before the cameraman asks to join in on the fun (it seems really unscripted, which is even more of a turn on for me). She literally is getting drilled and asks for the cameraman to “stick his dick in her mouth”. The cameraman eventually cums on her face and a few mins later after getting fucked more with a load on her face, she jerks off the main dude on her face. This is highly recommended if you like amateur stuff! Enjoy!

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