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What do you get with TheTeenBay VIP Member?

Here are some of the benefits of being a VIP member of community!

  • Access to the UNIQUE content like CHATURBATE private shows, crazytickets! or REAL amateurs sextape – available ONLY for VIP Members!
  • Get additional +10% more days of premium plan! It’s 9 days for free with a quarterly account, and 37 days with a yearly account!
  • VIP Members gets 100% warranty of re-upload any file from TheTeenBay within 48 hours from request was issued!
  • Get access to special hidden updates available only for TheTeenBay VIP Members!
  • With premium access you download or stream without waiting and at maximum speed!
  • VIP Chat where you can make your requests or you can ask questions!
  • You will get it for free with your premium subscription.

Follow this simple guide to acquire your own vip membership!

Please follow the 6 easy steps below to acquire your very own vip access account,
it won’t take more than 3 minutes to complete all the steps!


>> Short information before we start<<

Before you begin you should know that if you have a active premium subscription you need to wait until your current premium expires remember to cancel any recurring subscriptions that may be active! IF you have lifetime premium on keep2share you can pay for VIP access via BITCOIN
Please save your and our time and do not send “fake vip submissions”. We’ll find out about it
Do you have more questions about vip access? then please read our VIP FAQ.

STEP #1 ~ Attention! Read Carefully! ~

Here are some steps you should follow to make sure your VIP purchase doesn’t fail.

  1. During TheTeeenBay VIP member purchase process do not use incognito or private surf mode
  2. Temporarily disable AdBlock/Ublock plugins or any browser plugins you may have that blocks scripts and cookies
  3. Please close all other tabs you may have open in your browser except this one.
  4. If you use download accelerator like jDownloader please temporarily turn it off.
  5. Avoid using VPN and proxy during VIP purchase unless you have to use it to access our site.
  6. Test referer function in your browser by clicking this link. If it tells you referer is or you’re ok to next step.

OK! Now when you have only this window open, CLICK THE BANNER BELOW

theteenbay vip member


Write down the filename displayed on the page, example: TTB.XXX.VIP.2400 (See the picture below! Make sure you get the filename right!)

how to buy premium keep2share


Now you buy a yearly (1 year) or quarterly (3 month) premium plan. Only yearly or quarterly plan are valid for our VIP access
It’s up to you which one you choose.

  • Pro premium plan gives you 50GB traffic per day and stream option while normal premium plan is only 20GB traffic per day, and no stream.
  • You cannot upgrade to Pro after you’ve signed up to a regular account without loosing vip access in the process!
  • If your first payment attempt gets declined you should close the window and start from Step #1 again to ensure referral is not lost.
  • Remember! Only yearly and quarterly premium plan are valid for our vip access.

how to buy premium kee2share


Once you’re done with the payment process you must check your mail inbox for mail you get from [email protected]
In confirmation mail you find transaction number you will need it in STEP #5

keep2share transaction number

Save the filename from STEP #2 and your transaction number from STEP #5 for future reference, you’re now ready to move on to the next step.


Please fill out all the information in this form below and we will get back to you with your VIP login details!

Yearly - 1 YearQuarterly - 3 Month

Premium ProRegular Premium


Wait for our mail. It may take up to 10 hours. We are human..we must sleep 🙂
Remember to check SPAM folder in your mailbox. Sometimes email from us can go there
You still don’t get mail with your VIP details? Contact with us!